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Here at VTEC Home Solutions, we custom design your home to fit not only your budget but cater to your personal desires. We out source contractors, sub-contractors, electricians, plumbers, and even roofers to ensure the job is properly completed.

This is a custom design for our client.  We did a complete 180 and turned this bathroom into paradise! We made the magic happen by doing the most.

1. Took out the cabinets

2. Remove the lighting 

3. Tore out the shower 

4. Removed all wall paper (not shown)

5. Removed flooring

6. Redesigned the shower stall into a dome shape. We left the enclosed shower for an open concept

7. The wall and flooring was tiled with granite

8. The toilet area is not just your typical wall. It is actually "tiled" with glass. (Yes, I wish you could fell it)

9. We installed lighting, a fireplace, and a TV!

Your dream is brought to reality

 Our "before and after" of our custom designs

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